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Rights under the veil


In these days when terrifying events are blowing on islamophobia in the West, we feel necessary to make our best efforts to put a light on a movement that is not usually covered by media.
Islamic Feminism.
There are movements throughout the world, in the West as well as in the Arab-Muslim Countries, of women who start questioning the Quran, who question its patriarchal interpretation and who are now asking themselves why aren’t there women.
Appartently contradictory, Islamic Feminism is today a tool and a mean to finding solutions for a large number of problems that contemporary Arab-Muslim societies live.
This new tendency of being a Muslim woman is called the Third Way by Asma Lamrabet, one of the most influential representatives of the movement, and it is meant to be a conciliatory way between tradition and modernity that has been spreading silently among Muslin women.
What is essential to know, is that in this reformist Third Way the feminists want to show that there is no incompatibility between a reformist Islam and Human Rights, Women’s Universal Rights.
We want to bring into the public discourse a reformist way that promotes a more egalitarian reading of the sacred texts of Islam in line with human rights and the universal rights of women; a reformist way driver of solutions for Arab-Muslim societies, a way that recognises the respect for our environment as inherent to the faith.

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