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Jamila & The Other Heroes


Jamila & The Other Heroes are the new, wild and lively band based in Berlin that have come together to make raw, energetic and funkadelic music to make you fly. Leading the band is the vibrant, Jamila Al-Yousef. Born in Berlin the day the Berlin Wall fell and raised by her influential Palestinian refugee father, Jamila’s cultural activism and strong will to positively change the world is drawn deep into her artistic expression. Jamila’s songwriting style delves into her drive for change and merges soul, funk, rock and Arab folklore and hones her skills on-stage and in the studio. In 2016, The Other Heroes joined Jamila’s vision on cultural activism and blends energetic soul arrangements into a sound that is earning considerable buzz and a loyal local following. Combining Jamila’s powerful lead vocals, The Other Heroes carefully produced, funky guitar work and percussion styled sounds has left sold out audiences in awe and is catching the attention of audiences around Germany, Europe and Middle East. Jamila & The Other Heroes have spent 2016 developing their sound and is set for a big 2017. With their Debut EP to be released this Summer 2017 they are bringing their colourful live show around Europe this summer and are here, ready to party.

© Photo by Anna Tiessen

Ansprechpartner:Jamila Al-Yousef
Telefon:0160 94746710
Email: jamilaandtheotherheroes@gmail.com


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